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  • Being a dietitian I am always keen to cut sugar from my daughter's diet.
    The first and foremost question was "how to give her milk without sugar?"
    For that I developed a habit of mixing a spoonful of honey to her milk and I got succeeded in minimizing the sugar.
    Honey has many health benefits like it improves metabolism, it is low calorie substitute when compared to sugar, it is a good source of potassium, it also has many other nutrients (though in traces but it has calcium, sodium and phosphorus too). Apart from that honey is considered effective against chest congestion in kids.
    While choosing honey, one should be aware of its process of extraction.
    The processed honey is obviously a modified product and is not as beneficial as the raw honey is.
    Then I bought this raw honey from Honeybasket. It reached to me in time and the delivery was smooth.
    The packaging was impressive and leak proof. It is totally Raw means Pure.
    It goes with our body more easily. I felt the taste has a little different from the usual honey available in the market. But that's what the taste of pure honey is.
    It is thick in consistency with a very natural aroma.
    I have totally switched my daughter from sugar to Honey( specially in milk and curd).
    I would strongly recommend it to all specially kids. You can give it to them regularly in the way they like it.
    I found it totally satisfying and up to my expectations.
    A big five star rating for this raw and pure honey.

    Dr. Varsha

  • I Love this amazing product very much, it has shown miracles to my body, I was struggling to control food carving, and always used to munch, whereas when i noticed one my colleague started reducing weight, she said about Benefits of cinnamon honey. This is truly Amazing, no words to Express, i trusted this product, sincerely followed twice a day, i started loosing belly fat. I should really thank this product. Truly a Natural product!!!


  • I found Honey Pepper extremely useful for cough. I had cough for so many years. After taking Honey Pepper twice a day for just 10 days, I got lots of relief. I have now recommended this to my relatives and friends.

    Vivek Shenoy

  • During my childhood, my mother used to give us honey to boost immunity. We never used to get cough or cold and such symptoms. one of my friend told about this product. I gave a try, waah really good one. Cherised my childhood memories back again!!! I started giving to my kids


  • After searching for raw honey online, i could reach this website and its was really an asset to find this website. The honey is really awesome, nice. its worth a try. All the Best Team. continue to give the same Quality for ever.

    Wonderful Honey

  • I purchased honey from this site for my kid and to mix in medicine for my father. The quality of the honey is very good. Taste is too good. I strongly recommend this honey for regular consumption and for medical purposes also.

    Sridhar Nandula

  • Awesome honey, i live in singapore, i have tasted many top brands of honey, from different parts of the world, I can truly say this tastes really natural, one of the Best honey i have come across, Good Luck


  • I bought this honey to use for my mother's medication purposes. its my fourth order, it's really original honey, i am seeing lots of improvements in my mother health, this comes in glass bottle very well packed, superb customer service I immediately got response from their customer service for a query, i will suggest to my friends :)


  • Excellent Quality, I really love the thickness. Tried many brands but I'm gonna stick with this one. It comes with glass bottle, decent packing, bought it for the third time:) 


  • One of the best available Honey in the market. I tried it myself, the taste and textures are as expected. I have done all the tests at my end, water drop test, burning test it passed, I will buy it again 


  • honey at honeybasket is raw honey & it is very pure, very rare to see such quality products

    Ramkumar Reddy


    I am Extensive user of honey, after tasting many honey products, at last i found a good honey product online, truly Genuine, very mild