Natural Immunity booster - Himalayan raw honey

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Honey Basket honey is 100% pure raw honey, Zero added Sugar. Buy online. Natural raw honey varies in colur, taste & aroma for every seasons, nectar source. Our honey has no preservatives, Unfiltered and un-pasteurized may contain bee-pollens.

Honey is reviewed by BBC goodFood India as the Best Honey product in October 2019 Issue. Also reviewed by GrabOn, Apolloedoc, ReviewsXP, as Best Honey and Top 10 honey in India. Honey Basket Honey is a forest raw Honey. Forests are Organic by nature.

Raw Honey Benefits

Honey has many health benefits. How many of you know that honey benefits skin, used for face-masks by Beauticians as cleanser.  Regular consumption of pure raw honey boosts immunity naturally. Women get benefited and relieves menstrual cramps as a natural alternative medicine. Raw honey is a gentle laxative helps to relief constipation.

Honey weight loss - daily consume honey in green tea in hot water after your morning walk. When you have common cold, take pepper honey 2 spoons and drink hot water will sooth your soar throat. Honey helps to reduce skin irritation, is a prime ingredient in skin creams to cure de-pigmentation as a sunburn treatment. Make honey as a habit to your lovely toddlers, put as an alternative to jam. boosts immunity naturally, is a boon to parenting mom.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Crystallization is a natural process in raw honey, rarely in some seasons honey crystallizes, don't panic, natural honey crystallizes its a property of honey. ZERO added sugar. Now keep the honey bottle in warm water , it will get back to it's original natural form.

Country of Origin: India

Product Name‎: Himalayan Raw Honey

Ingredient Type‎: ‎Vegetarian


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