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small bee honey - Cheruthen - Stingless Bee Honey - "The Mother Medicine" 

Tasting one spoon, You will feel “Heaven on Earth”[To express the feeling of taste]. This rare honey is collected from in between rocks, burrows, made by small honey bees, usually they are stingless.  It contains high medicinal qualities called as mother medicine.

why so costly?

per day one person can search and collect only 200grams honey and it takes 3 months to produce the same honey back. Only those who know the real value go for it, this is not mass produced. 

Stingless bees are amongst the longest evolved bees, and have been found preserved inside pieces of amber 80 million years old. they are present in the tropical parts of the world. stingless bees build their nest in a closed structure. The shapes of the nests of stingless bees are quite different from the nests of honeybees. Honeybees always build vertical hanging wax combs. stingless bees has higher water content than honeybee honey. therefore, it may also have a higher antibiotic activity, has high medicinal qualities.

stingless bee honey(SBH)  have high nutritious properties compared to the honey's produced by other varieties of bees.

stingless bee can be classified into two genera, namely, the Melipona and the Trigona

What are the benefts of stingless bee honey?

True source of trehalose - a natural sugar, consumed for longevity - it has protective and stabilizing action on cell membranes, prevents degradation of lipids, has plenty of bio-active compounds - proteins, flavonoids, polyphenols

The health benefits of SBH can be broadly classified as having antioxidantanti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. List of studies on the potential medicinal properties of stingless bee honey also known for the therapeutic agents



This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Weight : 250 grams

Country of Origin: India

Ingredient Type‎: ‎Vegetarian

Specialty: No Preservatives

Maximum Shelf Life: one year

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