Honey relieves menstrual cramps naturally

Honey relieves menstrual cramps naturally

November 06, 2019

Honey relieves menstrual cramps naturally - Honeybasket

Honey relieves menstrual cramps naturally - Effect of honey on periods

How to get rid of period cramps? Effect of honey on periods

How do you get rid of period cramps fast? - Raw Honey plays a vital role in reducing menstrual cramps. We want to choose remedies in a natural soothing way. Try our rose gulkand Sun cooked and soaked for 120 days, very mild, give your daughters, this is what our grandmother used to give us.

There is nothing new about Menstrual cramps and all the ladies out there have to face them once in a month. There are few lucky ones who do not experience menstrual cramps during their cycle. The main that comes with the menstrual cramps can often be beyond the tolerable limit and this extreme pain and contraction happen in the lower abdomen. A lot of people end up taking pain
killers to deal with the pain but do you know that there are many other natural remedies to deal with such kind of pain? Well, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are one of the ways but there are many easy to follow home remedies.

In the pain killer that people usually consume, one of the main salt is Mefenamic Acid and the fact is that this is quite harmful and it also comes with several side-effects. As per one of the research, honey is as good as this drug and it can help you in relieving cramps without any side-effects that you may encounter after using mefenamic Acid.

How Can I Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly
We are going to answer this question for you but we are not going to talk about harmful painkillers and medicines. We are going to talk about home remedies here. You can always start by taking a hot water bag to relieve the pain and it really helps up to an extent. If you are still not relieved then do not worry because, in the next section, we are going to talk about the ways that you can use honey to help you in reducing menstrual pain instantly. Let us move ahead and check out these details.

How Can Honey Reduce Menstrual Pain
If you love the taste of this liquid gold then you are really up for a pleasant surprise. There are various combinations that you can use honey in and we assure you that it will relieve the pain for you. Let us now check out the details about the use of honey

How to use ginger for menstrual cramps
Honey and Ginger – Honey is Ginger is known to be quite a potent solution to a lot of problems like cough. Do you know that honey can also help you in relieving pain during the periods? Well, to make this mixture, simply grate some ginger and boil it in water for 5 minutes. After the water boils, strain the liquid and add some honey to the boiling water along with a pinch of salt. This will help you in lowering the pain and you can consume this twice a day during your periods. This solution is of great help in most of the cases.·

Honey and Fennel – If you do not like the taste of ginger then do not worry, we have yet another home remedy for you. Fennel, commonly known as Sauf in India, can be of great help as well. To make the mixture, you need to take a teaspoon of fennel and boil it in water. Once the water is reduced to three-fourth, remove the pot from the heat and strain the solution. Now, simply add some honey to the hot fennel water and consume it around 3 times a day. Fennel is known for ant-inflammatory properties which can also relax the·
muscles in the uterus thus relieving the pain for you.

  • Honey and Cinnamon– If you are still looking for a home remedy that can help you in relieving the menstrual cramps naturally then you may also wish to try this remedy. There are two ways to use cinnamon and in the first way, you can simply boil a small piece of cinnamon bark. In the second way, you can boil cinnamon powder. After the boiling part is done, simply add honey to the water and consume it twice a day. The fact is that cinnamon can help you a lot because of the anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties that it has Coupled with honey, it becomes a potent solution.

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Chamomile Tea and Honey – This is another effective way to relieve menstrual pain with the help of honey. This remedy is especially for the people who love aromatic green tea. So, what you can do is that you can get some chamomile tea bags and prepare green tea from chamomile tea bags. After you have removed the tea bag from the cup, add some honey and a little lemon juice to the tea. Having two cups a day can provide you massive relief from the pain. This is mainly because the Chamomile is known for its antispasmodic properties and·
honey along with Chamomile Tea provides relief to uterus during the spasmodic

Which Honey Should I Purchase for These Home Remedies
You will come across a lot of brands that sell honey but there are many in the list who sells honey with some or the other preservatives in it. You must steer clear of such products and to actually gain the benefits of honey, you can opt for some brand that offers organic honey. The organic honey is the one which helps you naturally because it would not have any added sugar or preservative that
may harm you. The best way to choose the honey is to check out the ingredients at the label and you will instantly know about the quality of honey. You can buy original pure form of raw organic pure honey from Honey Basket

Apart from this, you must not forget to purchase the ingredients for your magical elixir which may include Ginger, Cinnamon, Chamomile Tea Bags or Fennel.

We have looked at different ways of relieving pain associated with menstrual cramps and most of them are natural ways. Remember that it is equally important to stay hydrated and have a proper diet while you are on periods. This will help body in restoring the energy levels. Apart from this, you must avoid alcohol, junk food, caffeine and soda because these things not only dehydrate you but
they also cause bloating which make you feel uneasy during the periods.


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