Surprising Health benefits of Raw Honey for kids

Surprising Health benefits of Raw Honey for kids

January 18, 2020

Surprising Health benefits of Raw Honey for kids - Honeybasket

Let’s show the baby how everything tastes, but before that…

You could be waiting bells on to watch your baby’s magical and priceless reactions to the taste of each of your choicest food items. As surreal as it can be, you have to pay equal heed to the possibilities of risks attached to some of your choices. To detail, some of the foods, babies under 12 months best abstained from are egg whites, cow milk and citrus fruits.

Use “Honey” only to call your baby below one year:

However, in this category, Pure Honey in particular cuts an interesting figure. Honey, all types included, is said to withhold a certain bacterium, the clostridium botulinum, the spores of which if inside the baby’s circulation could prove to be lethal.

And why:

As found out, the Botulinum spores once inside the system, will be triggered to release neurotoxins which disables the baby from movement and breathing. This condition is termed Infant Botulism. The reason why the prescribed duration is 12 months before feeding honey is since, at any no point before then, a baby’s intestine would be fully ready with the good type of bacteria to nullify or digest any harmful pathogenic organism.

Post a year, Honey is everything it wasn’t:

But post 12 months, you’d be bouncing off the walls about what a spectacular edible, it emerges to be. Arguably, Honey isn’t at the top of the league of every source of multivitamins, but it weighs far more by nutritional value than the regular white sugar. Hence is raw honey the quintessential sweetener for kids and infants. Which parent wouldn’t want to give their children daily spoons of sweet tasting vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates?

Also, it’s too costly an option not to choose, for the heaps by which the immunity can improve. There’s even a multitude of benefits which compound to how much smoother every day can become; improved bowel movements, fat shedding and it’s a great fuel to match a hard day’s mental and physical stamina requirements.

And which is why:

Honey Basket - the best honey brand for toddlers, has eyes on the best for your infants and kids, and therefore, offers the most organic, natural, unprocessed and more than all, uncontaminated Honey for your life’s quality.

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