can honey boost fertility? - old wives tales to get pregnant fast

can honey boost fertility? - old wives tales to get pregnant fast

April 25, 2019

can honey boost fertility? - old wives tales to get pregnant fast - Honeybasket

can honey boost fertility?


Facing issues like infertility can be very devastating for any person. A lot of people have trouble in either getting pregnant or staying pregnant. There can be several reasons for it. It can be either related to genes, obesity, thyroid disorders, stress, and other factors that playa role.If you have tried treatments available in the market to help increase fertility but did not help you, then you must try honey - foods that increase fertility which is one of the old wives tales to get pregnant fast its one of the old tricks to getting pregnant faster.

Consuming raw honey either alone or in a combination of other foods can increase your chances to conceive. It is one of those nutritious foods, that is rich in vitamins and minerals that effectively cure of infertility in an individual. This is not just the safest, but also affordable and commonly available means to make you fit and healthy. In this article, we will tell you about the best use of honey to aid in fertility.

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Nourishes the body and promotes sexual health

we always wonder what foods to eat to get pregnant fast the answer is raw honey is a natural ingredient that is a powerhouse of nutrients. The raw and pure form of honey that is derived directly from the bees is a fine blend of plant nectar, tree pollen, and bee saliva. This type of honey is loaded with vital minerals such aspotassium, copper, zinc, sodium and 22 amino acids found in men. So, when you consume honey, your body gets proper nourishment from it.

Honey also contains important properties that aid in reproductive and sexualdisorders. It provides general health benefits for your entire body. Honey is a rich source of enzymes, B vitamins, amino acids and hormones that aids in an effective cure of Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome, infertility, impotence and the menopause. Its hormone balancing properties is also useful in effectively treating migraines, post-natal depression, and acne.

Stimulates the production of sexual hormones

Organic raw honey exhibits a lot of miraculous properties that aid in improving the rate of fertility in a person. Honey has been considered as one of the powerful foods by our ancestors in stimulating the production of sexual hormones in both women and men.

Boost your sex harmones naturally by daily consumption of raw honey

It shows a remarkable ability to balance the glandular ability of a person. Raw honey serves as an effective medication for men who suffer from issues related to impotence and women who suffer from infertility issues.

Increase semen quality

The importance of honey should not be ignored in the case of fertility. This natural food has been considered as a remarkable conception of aid for a long time. There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves that consuming honey every day can boost the possibilities of the couple to conceive quickly.

Consumption of honey on a regular basis has also been seen to remarkably increase the quality of semen and the percentage of fertility in a person. Couples who have issues in conceiving can apply honey on their genitals to improve the chances of fertility.

Stimulates ovaries

Honey in whichever form, consuming or applying, can prove to be effective in increasing the chances of getting conceived. Eating raw honey works by stimulating the ovariesand assists in its function in women. This plays a big role in pregnancy.

Assists reproductive system to aid in fertility

It also nourishes the reproductive system of a person by feeding it with the much-needed and vital amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon, when gets mixed with raw honey, is helpful to provide a constant flow of blood in good amounts to reproductive organs. Honey has a good concentration of amino acids that is beneficial for ovarian function and the health of your reproductive system.

Prevents infertility disorders

The impact of a honey gets further increased when you consume it along with another useful ingredient named "cinnamon”. Cinnamon is another very useful supplements in keeping your reproductive organs in the best condition. Itregularizesunbalanced menstrual cycles and polycystic ovarian syndromein women which are known to be a common type of infertility disorder.

Increases libido

Honey has been seen to improve fertility in men in several ways. It helps in improved libido and a greater level of sperm production. In the case of women, it treats issues that cause infertility in the like irregular periods, etc. By keeping all these issues in check, and stimulating and nourishing the reproductive organ, it increases the chances of women to conceive quickly.

Regularizes menstruation

As per the studies conducted on women who were trying to conceive, it was found that women who consumed honey on a daily basis showed a marked improvement. This included complete regularization of their menstruation.

Rejuvenates tired sex glands

Honey helps in restoring as well as rejuvenating old, tired or worn out sex glands in men as well as women. It has got natural hormonal substances in it that encourages as well as nourishes the entire reproductive system of the body. Some of the other benefits offered by honey are:

  • Increase endurance and sexual stamina
  • Improves sexual dysfunction as a result of prostatic disorders
  • Stimulates the function of ovaries and enhances the biological quality of an egg
  • Reducessigns linkedto PMS

What type of honey should you consume?

Honey has got marvelous ability to stimulate the ovarian functionality in a woman. When you use in oral or application form daily for at least one month, you will be amazed to see a gradual increase in the rate of fertility and sexual performance.

This is definitely going to benefit all those women who are struggling to get pregnant. Inclusion of honey in your diet will definitely bring you amazing and assured results within just 2 or 3 months.

The benefits of honey are not limited to this much. Consuming honey at bedtime also increases stamina, activates the natural recovery of the body and beat infertility issues. The best part is that this traditional remedy is a lot safer, affordable and effective than other expensive medical treatments that come with a wide range of short-term and long-term side effects.

Raw honey should be consumed due to its more naturalness and effectiveness. Choose the one that is of local origin. It is advised to visit any local market to find fresh and organic products.

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Honey is not just helpful in promoting fertility but also helps in nourishing other areas of the body. You can choose to incorporate honey in any of the above-mentioned ways to enhance your chances of conceiving. Making honey a part of your life keeps you fit, active and healthy always.

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