November 13, 2019

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can diabetes eat honey

Is honey good for diabetic patient

Honey for diabetes- Is honey good for diabetes

Diabetes is a disease due to metabolic disorder which is often due to high blood sugar levels for a long time. The symptoms may include frequent urination and a higher appetite. Diabetes complications leads loss of eyesight, kidney failures, ulcers and other cardiovascular issues.

There is relation between pancreas and diabetes. pancreas is an organ behind the stomach. The main reason for diabetes is pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Another reason is body develops a resistant towards insulin.

The main prevention of diabetes is to avoid processed sugar. Consumption of sugar would lead to increased blood sugar level, to avoid this. Controlling the craving for sugar is a big challenge.
You would have come across a lot of people who may suggest using honey as a substitute for sugar. They might be using raw honey in their tea, in their desserts and in many other forms. Do you know if it is right to consume honey if you are diabetic? We will answer these questions for you in this article so that you can decide if you should consume honey or not.


Properties of Honey and Link with Diabetes

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The first thing that you must note is that honey has anti-inflammatory properties. This means that honey can help you in getting rid of the stored water in the body up to a certain extent. Eating honey helps to reduce the symptoms associated with diabetes.

Research says, the people who ate honey had lesser blood sugar levels than who ate processed sugar. There are lots of studies on the people suffering from type 1 diabetes and how honey helps them.
Diabetic people, who consumed honey had spike in blood sugar levels initial thirty minutes after the initial spike, the sugar levels came back to normal and it remained normal for at least 2 hours. But, the people who consumed sugar, there was a higher spike and the sugar levels were high for a long duration of time.
Research has proved, honey helps in regulating insulin levels controls diabetes naturally. Apart from this, there still needs to be a lot more research around honey and its impact on diabetic patients.

Honey has lots of benefits to human body

Honey and Prevention of Diabetes
A lot of people also question if it is possible to avoid diabetes completely with the help of honey. We are going to answer this question for you and well to be honey, there are no researches which support the link between honey and prevention of diabetes.


Some of the researches did find a link between the glycemic index and the consumption of honey. As per one of the study, the honey is known to have a lower glycemic effect when compared with sugar consumption.

There is no conclusive evidence to support if the honey can really help you in the prevention of diabetes and hence, more research is needed in the field to answer this question as well. So, it is Safe to Consume Honey in Diabetes?

The fact is that the honey is a lot sweeter than sugar so if you are using honey instead of sugar then in no way, 10 ml of honey is equal to 10 grams of sugar. The honey consumed should be a lot less than the amount of sugar that you are consuming.

Moreover, you need to avoid honey till the time your diabetes reaches controlled levels. Even if you plan to consume honey during diabetes, you would need to monitor your sugar levels and ensure that there is no sudden spike in blood sugar.

It is certainly safe to consume honey for diabetic people only if their diabetes is well under control. Even for them, they must not consume any type of honey but a restricted type of honey.

We have listed more information about that in the section below so that you can purchase the honey which would be safe to consume if you have diabetes under control.

What Type of Honey Should I Use for Consumption in Diabetes? -

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There are majorly two types of honey available in the market. This includes raw honey and processed honey. The raw honey is just filtered, honey. This means during the packaging process, the raw honey is filtered to remove the impurities.

Whereas talking about the processed honey, the honey is pasteurized and some preservatives may be added. There are further many types of honey
available which may include Apple Honey, Manuka Honey and other such types.

All these factors can really impact the texture, taste and color of the honey.
For consumption, we would recommend anything that is not loaded with preservatives or processed sugar.

This really important to be considered because if you end up consuming honey that is loaded with sugar then your sugar levels will skyrocket and it will be really harmful to you.

This is one thing that you really need to take care of. It should be noted that the raw honey may have certain yeast or microorganisms so you may want to opt for a variety of honey that is pasteurized and is safe for consumption at any point in time.


Are There Any Benefits of Honey for Diabetics
As mentioned earlier, if a person who is suffering from diabetes consumes honey, he may experience higher insulin levels for some time which can control the blood sugar levels naturally.

Apart from this, replacing sugar with honey can certainly prove to be beneficial because of various factors. Honey is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties which are certainly going to benefit you. It will also reduce water retention in the body.

Because of reduced water retention and inflammation, the body is going to respond better to insulin as well. Honey is known to be one of the richest forms of anti-oxidants.

It is often referred to as a super-food when we talk about anti-oxidants. This means that the honey will always deliver a high dosage of antioxidants which will be beneficial for you. It can also help your body in
metabolizing the sugar in a better way.

The fact is that honey is a sweetener and it is known to be a lot sweeter than sugar. Use un-processed, un-heated original best raw honey online in India

The difference is that the sugar is considered as a processed form whereas honey is considered to be as the natural sweetener. It is certainly beneficial to consume honey if you are diabetic but you need to consider a
lot of precautions.

First of all, the quantity of consumption should be limited. Secondly, you must consult your doctor before consuming honey. In addition to this, you must monitor your sugar levels regularly if you plan to consume honey.

To conclude, we would just say that it is better to consume honey only after seeking advice from your doctor and only if your diabetes is well under control. In
these controlled conditions, you can consider replacing sugar with honey in your diet.

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