benefits of honey for face and skin

benefits of honey for face and skin

December 01, 2018

benefits of honey for face and skin - Honeybasket

13 Benefits of Honey for Skin, face and nails - 2021

“Honey, how your face glows!”

How does honey help your face?

How do I use honey on my face?

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1. Unadulterated honey, rich in antioxidants and with its fabulous bacterial properties can do wonders to your tired skin.

2. Help to heal the skin in just a week’s time.

3. A very effective weapon to get a perfectly glowing skin by its anti-aging properties.

4. Benefits by making your skin retain its health and brightness for long.

5. Honeybasket’s pure honey can be used in the form of face packs on a regular basis.

6. Honey is the only ingredient that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, like enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water, and is a worthy addition to your skin care routine.

7. Hydrates the skin.

8, Helps in reducing Wrinkles and keeps you look young.

9. Brightens skin complexion.

10. Fights against pimples on regular usage.

11. Very useful in sunburns

12. Benefits skin with lightening the scar.

13. Hydrates the skin.

Opt for our 100% natural honey in its raw form when it is most potent and try to use it as a moisturizer face mask, pore cleanser, gentle exfoliator, acne treatment and much more.

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