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premium Biryani spices or biryani ingredients for all types of biryani

veg biryani | ambur biryani | ghost ki biryani | hyderabadi dum biryani | Calicut chicken biryani | mutton biryani | mushroom biryani | keema biryani | Awadhi mutton biryani | Chicken Reshmi biryani | Makhni paneer biryani | Fish biryani | Murgh ki kachchi biryani | microwave machchli biryani | malabar fish biryani | prawn biryani | chicken dum biryani | south indian chicken biryani - what ever biryani, you need Golden spices, make your biryani masala and mesmerize your family with love as prime ingredient as usual

packed comes in variants Glass bottles/pouches, Enjoy making briyani with golden spices packed all-in-one pack - Cooking without Compromise:) Enjoy home made seasoning.

Srilankan ceylon cinnamon sticks | dalchini

srilankan cloves | lavang

bay leaf

stone flower | kalpaasi | dagad phool

star anise

marathi moggu | kapok buds


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Country of Origin: Srilanka, India

Product Name‎: Premium biryani spices

Ingredient Type‎: ‎Vegetarian

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