Combo- Buy Kashmir honey & small bee honey


Honey Basket takes pride in selling premium Exotic Signature Quality Kashmir honey from the nectars of himalayan flowers by Apis Mellifera bees.

This seasonal honey from kashmir valley, has tons of medicinal qualities, with rich aroma and flavour. Limited Stock available, most of the honey is pre-booked, Buy immediately and awaken your taste buds with this rare honey

Chiruthen - Stingless Bee Honey - is also known as "The Mother Medicine"

Twice the medicinal values and nutritious than all other wild forest bee's honey

stingless bee honey online | stingless bee honey benefits - a true source of trehalose - a natural sugar, consumed for longevity - it has protective and stabilizing action on cell membranes, prevents degradation of lipids, has plenty of bio-active compounds - proteins, flavonoids, polyphenols

Melipona Stingless bees can only produce 350g-1000g of honey per year. A colony produces less than 1kg (735ml) per year which is why it is expensive.

stingless bee honey(SBH) have high nutritious properties compared to the honey's produced by other varieties of bees. Stingless small bee honey is very rare in the market for its benefits.

stingless bee can be classified into two genera, namely, the Melipona and the Trigona

Meliponine honey, stingless bee honey (SBH) pot-honey, and also Kelulut honey (in Malaysia) are different names of small bee honey

stingless bee honey benefits:

The health benefits of SBH can be broadly classified as having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. List of studies on the potential medicinal properties of stingless bee honey.

Small bee Honey is known for the therapeutic agents

Stingless bees are amongst the longest evolved bees, and have been found preserved inside pieces of amber 80 million years old. they are present in the tropical parts of the world. stingless bees build their nest in a closed structure. The shapes of the nests of stingless bees are quite different from the nests of honeybees. Honeybees always build vertical hanging wax combs. stingless bees has higher water content than honeybee honey. therefore, it may also have a higher antibiotic activity. Small bee honey has high medicinal qualities. Honey production of small bees is much less when compared to the ordinary bees.

Courtesy: http://www.fao.org/3/i0842e/i0842e07.pdf

HoneyBasket stingless bee honey is raw, unheated to have the maximum benefits.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Country of Origin: India

Product Name‎: Combo (kashmir honey & small bee honey)

Weight : kashmir honey : 500 grams, Small bee honey : 250 grams

Ingredient Type‎: ‎Vegetarian

Specialty: No Preservatives

Maximum Shelf Life: one year

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