About Us

Welcome to www.honeybasket.in

We are in the Business for 2 Generations.

Honeybasket takes pride on selling authentic, pure, good Quality Organic products which is very good for our Body. No Chemicals added in our products. 

As a Customer, You get authentic Environmental friendly Product with Utmost Quality, with Free Shipping and Money Back Guarantee at the comfort of being Online. 

Raw Honey: HoneyBasket honey is 100% pure, un-adultered, it is in "As-is" form from the deep forests. We work with tribals who identify forest honey and we ensure it reaches to you with same freshness of Wild flowers. Don't compare our  Wild honey with commercial bee-keeping honey is not a correct comparison. As commercial Bee-keeping is adultered with sugar-syrup, so fool the Bees, and it is based on local Flowers and on the other hand our Honey is from Wild Flowers from Thick forest. If you are looking for Budget honey, we have that variety too. 

Quality : Our products are FSSAI certified : 12418002002664

Free Shipping : We don't put Extra charges for Shipping!!! This is one of the Biggest plus for the End-Customer. You pay only for the Quality Product nothing more.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not convinced about the product, please email us, we will return the money back. please refer "Refund policy"

Compatbility: Our Website is compatible with Desktop's/Mobile. 

Payment Gateway: Online Payments are handled by Proven, Genuine, Trusted , 3rd Party World Class Payment Gateway(PayPal & PayUmoney