5 reasons why you should start eating Gulkand everyday

July 17, 2021

5 reasons why you should start eating Gulkand everyday

5 Health benefits of eating Gulkand

Almost all of us have consumed the delicious Gulkand paan while growing up, and certainly liked the sweet and cooling taste of the traditional wisdom of Gulkand.
Many of us still like to eat that sweet Gulkand in the form of Paan as a post-meal snack that not only satisfies our sweet tooth but also gives us that soothing effect post-meal ensuring good digestion.
Most of us have consumed Gulkand without knowing how good and beneficial it is for our bodies and health. Therefore in this article, we will discuss some great benefits of consuming Gulkand and why you should consume it regularly for good health.

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1.Cools down your body
-Gulkand is known for its cooling properties, the blend of sugar and rose petals under the sunlight is extremely soothing for your gut and your body, consuming Gulkand post your meal is proven to keep your body cool from within and thus help in reducing gut problems like acidity, bloating and indigestion.
You can even blend some Gulkand with some cold milk and have it before sleep which will really help in bringing down the temperature of your body and giving you a soothing sleep.
If you are someone who is facing problems like hair fall, bloating, acidity, acne, which may be due to excess heat produced in your body, adding Gulkand to your diet is the short and strong solution for such problems as it reduces your body temperature.

2.Aids in Digestion
-As said Gulkand is a mixture of rose petals and sugar cooked under the sun, it has certain properties which help in soothing gut health and thus improves better digestion and assimilation of the food.
Although your overall diet and lifestyle surely matter for one's health, adding half to one spoon of Gulkand to your diet can really improve your digestion and eliminate problems like constipation. In Ayurveda, Gulkand has been said to have numerous benefits to the human body and is extremely beneficial for your gut.
Thus you should not miss out on Gulkand if you have any kind of digestion issues.

3.Improves your Hair and Skin Quality.
-Who doesn't want healthy and glowing skin with thick and lustrous hair? adding Gulkand to your diet can improve your hair quality and skin health since many people face these acne breakouts and brittleness on the skin and hair fall or hair thinning too, which comes from the same root of the problem which is disturbed gut health that causes excess heat in the body, thus adding some amount of Gulkand is the probably the best and natural way to calm down the body heat. Gulkand is also beneficial for those who sweat a lot.

4.May Get you a Good night sleep
Rose petals are the best natural ingredients that help to calm your mind and reduce stress, thus ensuring a good night's sleep. You can consume Gulkand in some cold milk as a milkshake before bed, which will cool down your body and give that soothing relief to your digestive system ensuring proper and sound sleep.
Since a good night's sleep can help you to be more energized and attentive in your personal and professional life.

5.Gives you Energy
-If you are feeling a little drowsy and sleepy, which you may feel post-lunch, having half or a full spoon of Gulkand can be your natural Gatorade, which is it can help you energize as Gulkand is a blend of rose petals and sugar, which can surely help to elevate the insulin dip you may have after a heavy meal, and thus can help in reducing fatigue and mental stress.
Apart from this Gulkand also helps in increasing your hemoglobin levels, so if you are someone who is low on hemoglobin, having a half or a full spoon of Gulkand can be your savior.

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Some FAQ related to gulkand:-

1>How to consume it?

You can consume Gulkand as it is from your Gulaknd jar, the best time according to Ayurveda is to eat it after any of your meals like lunch, you can even consume Gulkand along with milk as a shake before bedtime or at any time of the day as a mid-meal.

2>How much should one consume?
You can safely consume 1 teaspoon of Gulkand every day but if you are someone who has any kind of disease or medical problems, consulting a doctor first would be advisable.

3>Any Side effects of Gulkand?

There are no set of side effects of eating Gulkand however person suffering from diabetes may have to consult their medical practitioner before consuming it as Gulkand has sugar in it.


You do not want Gulkand made out of pesticide and chemical sprayed flowers. So selecting good quality and organic Gulkand is really important for your health and to attain the maximum benefits of Gulkand, hence make sure that you invest in good quality and genuine Gulkand.Buy Honey rose gulkand


We at Honey Basket make our products with lots of love and care, maintaining the legacy we have developed 100% Pure Gulaknd made using premium and fresh rose petals and sulfur-free sugar ensuring a safe product for you and your family wellbeing. We can guarantee that you would surely love our Gulakand, hence don't forget to checkout our Gulkand and do add to attain these benefits.

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